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Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs

OCHGS has received a grant from the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs to extend the impact of our research collections and museum sites to area residents and summer visitors through the development of a web site and linkages with regional business and service organizations. "Websites offer great opportunities for organizations of every size and budget." Quote from the American Association of State and Local History

Business Sponsers

OCHGS has received contributions from the the following area businesses.

Craig's Cruisers

Jellystone Park

Peterson Farms


Shelby Chamber

Oceana Intermediate School District
Oceana ISD



Community Foundation
For Oceana County

Thank you for your gift to
the Oceana County Historical And Genealogical Society
used in part to contribute to our website development


Oceana County Historical & Genealogical Society
114 Dryden Street
Hart, Michigan 49420
email: info@oceanahistory.org
Phone: 231-873-2600



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