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Searchable Name List

Surname, First Name, Middle Name / Initial, AKA. Spelling Variations

Includes the source of the information that OCH&GS has on file.

Over 800,000 names and growing.  Last updated November 2017

Note: when clicking on a link below, please allow a few minutes up to an hour to see the file (depending on your internet speed).  The largest file is 14.5 megabytes.  These files are for your research only and may not be reproduced or distributed without permission.  Please contact the Society if you have any questions. 

Also Note: Page 1 of the PDF files may be blank.  Scroll down to view the actual content.  If you've visited before please hit refresh when viewing the pdf to get the newest version.

OcCo-MasterIndex-A.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-A.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-Ba-Bn.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-Ba-Bn.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-Bo-Bz.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-Bo-Bz.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-C.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-C.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-D-E.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-D-E.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-F.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-F.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-G.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-G.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-Ha-Hi.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-Ha-Hi.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-Hj-Hz.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-Hj-Hz.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-I-K.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-I-K.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-L.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-L.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-Ma-Mh.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-Ma-Mh.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-Mi-Mz.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-Mi-Mz.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-N.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-N.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-O.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-O.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-P-Q.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-P-Q.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-R.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-R.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-Sa-Sk.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-Sa-Sk.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-Sl-Sz.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-Sl-Sz.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-T-V.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-T-V.xls
OcCo-MasterIndex-W-Z.pdf OcCo-MasterIndex-W-Z.xls

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