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Chadwick-Munger House
Research and Library Headquarters
Open Wednesdays 10 am - 5 pm

Research help is available
Also available for School Tours

Article from the
Oceana-Herald Journal Dec. 29, 1984

The general public will be given an opportunity this Saturday Dec 1, to view the future headquarters of the Oceana County Historical Society in Hart. The old stone house, known to many people as the Munger House, is located at the corner of Dryden and Lincoln streets in Hart. The open house Saturday will be from 10 am to 4 pm. Erected before the turn of the century, the house was built by Harvey Jenner Chadwick, who came to Hart as a young boy and stayed to become a physician and a druggist. It took on prominence in later years as the home of the late Dr. L.P. Munger, a physician and fruit grower. It most recently was owned by the county and was the District 5 Heath Department offices for several years. The historical society intends to preserve the exterior of the house, replacing the roof and decayed soffits this winter and pointing the stonework. A committee under the chairmanship of Ernest McCarty is director the renovation. The interior of the house was remodeled when used by the health department, and while the society might like to do some restoration work, officials of the organization admit it might not be possible to successfully go back in time.Plans for the use of the building by next spring include delegating space where the office work of the society's

executive board and of the museum staff may be carried on and where artifacts can be cataloged in preparation for display at the museum in Mears. Some permanent displays of special interest are also in the offing at the Munger House, and the Genealogy Chapter of the Oceana County Historical Society will begin to organize a research library and a meeting place. The society is also cooperating with the Hart and Shelby centennial committees to temporarily provide space, if needed, for their celebrations work. Acquisition of the Munger House by the Oceana County Historical Society has been made possible both by generous donations of many citizens and the recognition by the Oceana County Board of Commissioners of the need to retain a place of historical significance to the area.


Oceana County Historical & Genealogical Society
114 Dryden Street
Hart, Michigan 49420
email: info@oceanahistory.org
Phone: 231-873-2600



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